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CelebrityMaking.com is brought to you by Julie Hutton, a Success Coach with 27 years of experience and a background in Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Coaching and Business Development.

Celebrity Making is all about increasing the effectiveness of your marketing program.

Research has shown that the most effective marketing strategies are those that involve (from most effective to least effective) :
  • Outreach through direct contact and follow-up
  • Outreach and Visibility through networking and referral building
  • Visibility and Credibility through
    • public speaking,
    • writing and
    • publicity
  • Visibility through
    • promotional events
    • advertising

Our emphasis is on helping you Get to the Money by increasing your outreach, visibility and credibility to increase your revenue streams.

Larry KingPrime Time Professional™

Become a Prime Time Professional by developing:
FliersCelebrity Making Secrets™
Increase your ability to attract more clients by:
Price Point Packages
Make it easy for prospects to start working with you

• Offer 3 Levels of involvement
  • Low = Entry Level
  • Medium = Growing Relationship
  • High = Fast Tracking

Celebrity Making Power Team Success = Access to Resources
Build a team to assure your success

  • Success CoachPower Team
  • Executive Producer
  • Creative Director
  • Webmaster
  • Copywriter
  • Graphics Designer
  • Assistant
  • Book Publisher
  • Photographer
  • Ghostwriter

Julie Hutton

"I've known and have personally experienced both the success coaching and career betterment services provided by Julie Hutton for more than 2 decades.   Julie possesses an honest, sage-like, personally comforting, teaching and coaching presence, making her superior communication skills to those who utilize her services a substantial value for seeking personal and career betterment.” - Glen Smith, Government Affairs Coordinator

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